DJI A2 D-Bus Adapter

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DJI A2 D-Bus Adapter

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DJI D-Bus Adapter for A2 Flight Controller

The DJI D-BUS ADAPTER module can provide eight-way input or output for the A2 Multirotor Flight Controller. A traditional receiver can be used through this module, or can be used to extend the output ports. Please refer to the A2 user manual D-BUS ADAPTER section for more specific details of functionality. When using a traditional D-BUS receiver with the A2, the DJI D-BUS Adapter is required.

D-BUS Adapter Setup:

  • Put the switch to the “I” stop, and power on the system. The LED should be on red; otherwise keep the switch at the “I” stop and then power cycle the system.
  • At the “I” stop, the D-BUS Adapter is converting the PWM signal from traditional receiver to S-BUS signal.



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