DJI WOOKONG-M LED Bluetooth Module

DJI WOOKONG-M LED Bluetooth Module


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DJI Wookong-M LED Bluetooth Module

This module will allow remote gain adjustments of your quadcopter or similar Wookong M powered aircraft. Sporting Bluetooth 4.0 and a operating distance of 50m, it is best suited to initial tweaking and setup. Of course this will be step one of two, moving forward it will not be such of a leap to then allow iPads to directly control the aircraft as well. DJI state the password mechanism will combat safety fears, and allow easy pairing of the drone and smart phone.

More important than the remote gain adjustments, as these can be done via extra channels on the radio at present is the fact during setup and testing, which pilots doing most days down the flying field. There is no need to cart down the laptop, and connect via USB every time you need to make a change on the aircraft.



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